Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Slices, dices, tells your fortune and can dance!

Many of the knowledgeable horsepeople on the Internet have already observed that the currently trendy "Gypsy Vanner" is actually an $400 spotted cart horse from Europe which is imported and sold to dumb Americans who don't know any better. And that, like most drafty types, it's intended use, for which it has been bred for centuries, can be roughly described as "pulling heavy shit." It is not a "sport horse" unless the sport you're thinking of is an alfalfa eating contest.

Well, if the original "purebred" Gypsy Vanners weren't bad enough, now we have the crosses. This critter is a Gypsy Vanner - Missouri Fox Trotter cross. Could it be more fugly?
You know, when I was a snooty suburban high school kid, my mother set two glasses of water in front of me and dared me to taste and tell her which one was the Evian. I bet I could set this colt next to a $75 pinto from the local killer auction, and most people couldn't pick out which one is the Trendy Eurotrash one and which resulted from Joe Bob's Appalooser stud gittin out of his pen and visitin' with Princess Misty, the BLM mare.