Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fugly horses jumping badly!

What happens when you combine horses who are not particularly athletic (and certainly aren't attractive) with the intermediate-rider daughter of a horse dealer? Well here you go. *shakes head*

A week ago or so, I discussed the "old style" Appaloosa and described the square head with small pink eye. Here ya go! For only $3500 you can put him in your barn. BTW, when your NOSE is lower than you KNEES over a 2 foot jump, that is not a good thing. He is probably losing his sight like so many Appaloosas and is trying to figure out where the hell the ground is so that he can land.

This adds new meaning to "hanging knees." What is with that leg position? I know the rider often doesn't release properly and every single horse jumps with that nose-in "holy shit I'm going to get popped in the gums again" look, but this is ridiculous. This kind of looks like that snowcap Appy from yesterday, except that one had a prettier head. Gah.

In all fairness, I don't think any of these horses have been schooled o/f. This is more like "let's see if he'll jump! Go jump them thar barrels! If he'll jump, we can sell him for $3500 too!" Most of the horses on this guy's page have that fresh-from-the-auction look. In fact, we found one that still had the butt tag on it but I forgot where the picture was.

If your leg is this weak, you should not be jumping at all. And much like the bad parenting pictures, why do we post these pictures on the internet? If I had a boo-boo jump and looked like that, it would be deleted the second it hit the preview mode of the camera.

This is a sweet horse who clearly is not the least bit naturally talented o/f and does not (from his many other pictures) have the best looking set of legs and probably shouldn't be jumping in the first place. I hope he gets sold while he is still sound. Another $3500 special (that I can pick up at any auction for $400).

I know this is somewhat of a mixed post as it's half about the fugly and half about the scary riding, but I had to share after being tipped off to the existence of this site last night.

When the horse has his eyes shut because he can't bear to watch, you know you are in trouble. That is all I am going to say.