Tuesday, June 26, 2007

To whoever bred this horse: You need a new hobby

This eight year old gelding's accomplishments according to his sale ad include being "shown in yearling lounge line" and "getting along well with other pasture horses."


Where do I even begin? It's easier to list the parts of him that are ok. He has good length to his neck, and a good throatlatch area. For an Appaloosa, he has a decent tail. Um...and his pasterns have, um, a nice slope. Oh, and his ears are not too big.

And now I think I'm done. Everything else is just awful. He has that FrankenHorse look of different parts from different horses being put together and no balance. His front legs are so far underneath him that my first impression was of a goose. Downhill, straight shoulder, terrible topline, no muscle, hay belly, looks extremely narrow chested, toes out, teeny little pig eyes.

Maybe you could stand him up better and the back legs would look ok, I don't know. All I know is that someone in Texas needs a new hobby, and breeding ain't it.