Monday, June 4, 2007

All babies are cute!

I made that statement but after perusing some more sale ads, have thought better of it. First, we have this sorrel filly who really looks just pitiful. She is thin, dull coated and looks wormy, but even if she was good weight, she'd still be calf kneed, cow hocked, and (I suspect, it's hard to see from the angle) long backed. And now she is being ditched on Craigslist. Why breed if you're going to (a) breed crap and (b) not even take proper care of them? This is just sad.

Oh my. I am afraid I may never again be able to say that all babies are cute. There is something about this filly that just reminds me of a spider or something. Her hooves are yellow. Her head is huge. I sincerely hope her eyes aren't as small as they look. She doesn't look very happy, and if I popped out looking like that, I can't say I'd be happy either.