Monday, February 25, 2008

We thought we'd get the kids a maybe something bigger!

WTF? Painful, just painful.

3yr old Stud Horse maybe a Paint? - $300
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Date: 2008-02-22, 9:53AM CST

We have a 3 yr old Stud horse for sale. He is black with a little white and blue eyes. Please email for more information. We bought this guy for our boys and then learned that we don't know enought about horses and our fences are not in good enough condition to take care of him. We just want to find him a great home. You may contact Kim at (I'm going to redact her info because I really don't think she needs to be flamed here and I'll explain why, below).

FHOTD in: You can all see the lovely falling down barbed wire behind this sadly crooked-legged critter that looks like it hasn't had any proper nutrition...ever. Now as tempting as it is to yell at this parent and ask her WHAT was she thinking, my REAL question is, WHO SOLD ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS A THREE YEAR OLD STALLION FOR THEIR TWO BOYS?

Breeders and sellers in general, you have to have SOME ethics here. This is just not cool. I am sure these people genuinely did NOT know what it took to take care of a horse (or handle a stud!) and somewhere, out there, some greedy bastard sold them this horse anyway - I am sure with MANY assurances of how child safe he was. How do these people sleep at night?