Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Parent Du Jour!

This got forwarded around the Internet with a bunch of "ooooh isn't that KYOOOOT" drivel attached.


I don't think it's cute.

She's TOO young to go THAT fast and the lack of a helmet only compounds it.

It won't be cute when you are in the E.R. hoping she starts breathing again. And yeah, I know she may dodge the bullet and grow up to be a bad parent in her own right, but why would you gamble this big with your kid's future?

This picture screams "parental ego" to me. Oooh look what a natural my kid is! She rides just like her old man/momma! She can ride anything! She's not scared of anything!

Nope, at three, you're not scared of anything. That is why your parents are supposed to lend you their good judgment until you have some of your own. Sorry to see that did not happen here.

If your three year old wants to barrel race, put her on a MINI/PONY and LEAD HER at a TROT. WITH A HELMET, DAMMIT. I've seen parents do this at some of the BNR4D stuff around here and you know what, the kid has JUST as much fun. They are THREE. They do not care if they look cool or not!