Friday, February 29, 2008

The Friday Picture Show: You're NOT Ready To Do That!

I am completely baffled at why parents let their kids do things they are clearly not ready to do on horseback. It stuns me how many parents AND instructors simply cannot comprehend that learning to ride takes a long time and that the process is not exactly scintillatingly exciting.

Still, you would think it would be common sense to require someone to build solid skills at a walk, trot and canter before progressing on to galloping or jumping...but the memo simply never arrived for those responsible for these children. So today, let's have a tribute to pushing kids FAR BEYOND THEIR ABILITIES and/or refusing to set boundaries and tell little cutie-pie NO, YOU CAN'T.

What do you mean, running barrels takes more skill than just hanging on?

You gotta steer too? They don't just automatically run the pattern?

Is she a damn noodle? LEARN TO RIDE! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

Then we have jumping:

I'm still posting with my hands, but my instructor thinks I am ready to jump...CRASH

If this were my student, she'd still be on a longe line with no reins

Painfully loose accident waiting to happen.

Off topic,but upsetting in general. This is not a kid but an adult I'd like to clock upside the head:

This just makes me incredibly sad. I hope this poor little QH gets upgraded.