Thursday, February 21, 2008

Excuses, excuses!

Posted to Seattle Craigslist's pets section. AMEN!

I lost my house
I lost my job
my boyfriend thinks
the pets are slobs
I didn't know
they'd need the vet
and shelter when
outside was wet
they were so cute
when young and furry
but now they must go
in a hurry
they're big! they eat!
and require care
I'm getting allergic
to the hair
what was a lark
is now a bore
I don't want to do
any more pet chores
I've let them get
out of control
they have no manners
help save their souls
I can not wait
to get them out
I swear I'll take them
to the pound
if you don't fix
all my mistakes
and take them in
and let them stay
so please come now
and pay a fee
to care for
my responsibility.