Friday, February 29, 2008

This is making me cold just to look at

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did they not bathe their fugly foundation QH stallion and then lead it out in the snow and chase it around in the dead of winter to take these bad pictures? I guess letting it dry off properly in the barn with a nice wool cooler on and then taking the pictures would have taken too much time and cut into the start of the football game on TV???

It's also important to make sure you got you a chain on him! You know them stalyuns is wild and if you ain't careful, he mought grab yer fugly camo cap and shred it or somethin'!

But I think the best part is the video - get to the middle of it and you can see him buck on command. Marketing genius! After all, don't you want to breed to a stallion who can really pitch a good fit? I know I do!

(Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

Of course, his pedigree also sends a clear message - "I exist because of color breeders." His ancestors haven't accomplished jack shit, but there sure were a lot who were grulla!

Did I mention he is for sale for $9000?

Then again, maybe the best part is the riding picture. You should definitely market your stallion by putting some chick on him in shorts who has to hang on to the horn at a trot with her rein hand in the air. Yeah, that'll make old Gunner look like a world-beater!

What is baffling is they actually have pics on their web site where the horse is going a lot better than this. Why not use one of those?

I swear people. Basic marketing, is it that difficult? If you read a FAQ on how to sell a car, you'd learn some principles to help you do better than this!