Monday, February 25, 2008

Another day, another b.s. faux rescuer...

Another winner. I know this sounds like a joke or someone TRYING to set someone else up to look bad, but the woman is a registered user on the ad site and has a long term posting history and this ad is consistent with others in tone...she really DID post this!

Cheap, all fat n purdy, bring cash bring trailer!

$50. (yes really) to $500!

LOCATION: Plant City , FL , United States

TELEPHONE: 813-489-0464

DESCRIPTION: Im TIRED of horses I dont use, Im tired of the incredible feed bills. Im NO longer taking in rescues. SO THEY GOTTA GO and IVE about reduced prices to NEXT TO NOTHING. I dont care if your a trader who wants to make a buck, haul them to a sale (Im lazy) or someone looking for a cheap horse, I just dont want to spend $75 for another roll of hay!!! LOL! TOO MANY MUST GO NOW-bring trailer, cash talks, prices FIRM. All horses fat and easy on the eyes.

Pony-$50 blind in one eye 12 yo and 12h, used to ride-companion only or tune him up for lead line-REALLY $50.00 cash u catch u haul.

(FHOTD in: Good god look at the front end. CUTE pony but what has happened to him in his life? Poor little munchkin...)

Arab gelding, tall, sound, SWEET, aged but not even close to dead (around 16-18 years old) Was riding beg safe last May, been to pastures since then. Real doll, people horse. Selling as a companion at this price $300 cash bring trailer u load and he is YOURS!

2 Broodmares with one in the oven-QH types-both are broke to ride, neither one is sound so would be suitable as light riding only-both around 12 years old or younger. Both very fat, healthy n pretty. IF you take BOTH $600 cash and you own them-seperate $600 for M in F and $400 for M not in F. THIS IS A STEAL IF YOU TAKE BOTH!

QH Gelding-had been used to work cows, has some boot n scoot n spunk would be GREAT barrel horse, about 13 years old, grey, personality but not for the faint of heart, not ridden in about 5 mo now will need tune up, fat pretty sound all the way and a people horse. $500 and he is a BARGIN.

Now those are the ones that I want GONE-I have NO USE for any of them-I need a break from the feed bill and they GOTTA GO. I have 2 others that we can talk if you were seriously interested but they are not cheap! Take em all and Ill knock anther $100 off. I am not a trader just have too many horses that I dont need or use and THEY GOTTA GO-avail most eves. SERIOUS will not play around with email-I dont check it but about once a week so if you want you WILL CALL ancome see-bring trailer bring cash they will not last at these prices. 813-986-5724 if no ans casll 813 489-0464 NO TRADES unless its a M pug or a F boston terrier or a large exotic bird or the most perfect broke to ride n drive draft horse in the whole entire world. LOL CASH WILL GET MY ATTENTION!

What a worthless - I know what word I WANT to use for this woman, we'll use what they called it on "Sex and The City" - "See You Next Tuesday" ... here is her web site. You know what, nothing's starving. I'll give her that - she's fed them. But for what? To fatten them up for the kill buyer? And the Sheriff's department GAVE some of them to her? I don't even know WHAT to say to that. AND WHY IS THE MARE BRED?

You know, it's a topic near and dear to my heart. I've had a bad, bad winter financially with lots of vet bills and other unexpected bad surprises. (Cutie pie yearling tried to kill himself this weekend...fortunately the vet thinks it's just radial nerve damage and he'll be ok. Another $250 vet bill though!) Trust me, I have HAD the moment of thinking "I just want them gone. I want them gone and I don't want to have to come up with this ludicrous amount of money every month anymore."

The difference between being human and being a bad person is the actions you take. I have my moments of frustration like everybody else who rescues, but in the end, I'm not going to ditch any horses, I'm not going to euthanize something for convenience, and I'm not going to quit. I'm not taking on any more horses, but I'll do what it takes to care for the ones I have, and if you were to call me at 11 PM and tell me you were 2 hours away and couldn't get some free, starving horse you were trying to rescue into the trailer, I'll come and lend a hand.

I just don't know how someone gets to this "dealers, come on down!" point. What IS that?

I have a much worse story coming. Just waiting on the person to be prosecuted, and then I can write a freaking book about all of the stuff they have done while playing the "BUT I'M A RESCUER!" card. Blech. I swear, there's a special place in Hell...