Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello, RFD-TV? Is anybody listening?

I saw a PSA on RFD-TV last night that left my head spinning. I am not sure who the woman was who was speaking, I didn't catch that, but it was during their "horses for sale" show, aka "overpriced, overridden three year old cutting horses for sale" show.

(Dear God people, stop cutting with these things so young, do you really think their hocks can take it? I mean, I love cutting horses, I'd love to ride one sometime or even own one, but it does not take a genius to see that it's a high stress job for their legs and they shouldn't be doing it at a young age! What is wrong with trail riding and easy arena work with them until they're grown up? Oh yeah, futurity money. Man, I HATE futurities. I want to see someone fund a big-money senior horse maturity where the horses have to be 15+ years old, trot out sound in-hand (vet to judge soundness) and then compete. If anybody rich is reading this, could you do that, please? Give these greedy asshats SOME motivation not to ruin horses young? OK end of rant...)

Back to topic: RFD-TV lady actually made the statement that we should put as much care and thought into breeding our dogs and cats as we do our horses. WTF? LADY, THAT IS THE PROBLEM! A lot of people aren't putting care and thought into ANY of those things! HORSES ARE NO DIFFERENT!


Yes, I am GLAD you are stumping for spay/neuter but HORSES ARE NO DIFFERENT and it is LUDICROUS to make that comparison. People are overbreeding/indiscriminately breeding horses willy-nilly JUST LIKE BARN CATS and THAT IS WHY we have so many going to slaughter! That is the MAIN reason! That is what I have been screaming about on this blog for nine months now!

RFD-TV, everybody is watching you. Let's see a PSA on indisciminate breeding of horses. Better yet, let's see a SERIES on choosing breeding stock. You can have experts from each breed do shows and tell people what to look for, what not to look for, what is selling, what the market wants right now. I could name some good experts for you to choose from. I'm sure my readers could, too.

Let's see you guys do something truly educational instead of one more show where some doofus in a cowboy hat shakes a rope at a horse's face and then wonders why she is hard to catch.

Agree with me? Tell Jeremiah Davis, their Program Director, what you'd like to see!

P.S. Who thought that thing at AQHA World where they put trainers on horses they didn't know to compete in totally different disciplines was downright painful to watch? OMG the jumping. Holy shit EEEEEK. That one guy was smart to pull up, he was about to take a header. What kind, tolerant horses! I LMAO when the one mare started bucking in the western riding - ya think the gaming guy gave her a little more leg than she was used to? The people who did well were the ones who were smart enough to pitch the horses away and let them just do the job they knew how to do. Jim McKillips should stick to halter. That poor barrel horse. He was all over like a sack of potatoes and popping on its mouth. Poor pony. However, I love the trainer who stuffed her bra for western riding - that was freakin' hilarious. Who was she? She was a hoot.

In a way though it sends a good message - the best riders are the well rounded riders. There was one guy who was a pleasure horse guy but he didn't have any problem getting on a barrel horse and making one HELL of a run. He planned ahead, he rode very well through the turns, and I'm sure he won that segment. There was another guy and I can't remember what discipline he normally rode, but he just NAILED it in the breakaway roping, which I have to respect as I personally cannot rope my own foot from a standstill and am terribly impressed with those of you who have mastered it!