Friday, February 22, 2008

A challenge for you all, if you choose to accept it!

I thought this would make for an interesting post this time of year...

Foaling season is coming! If you have foals due, post the details - breed, who the sire/dam are and what they have accomplished, and what your goal was in doing the breeding - i.e. which discipline(s) you expect the foal to excel at. Second part of the question: If you regularly breed, how many foals did you produce in 2007 and how many or what percentage of those have sold?

I know some of you feel you need to be anonymous here, so feel free to omit details as necessary to preserve that. I'm not trying to out anybody.

Let's see who's got the guts to do this. ;-)

At left is my yearling, last year as a weanling. He's sired by a palomino HYPP N/N AQHA stallion out of a 17 hand TB mare - goal was to produce an Appendix QH hunter/jumper prospect and that's exactly what I am targeting him toward in the future. He is very compact and long legged and I'm thinking I may have a jumper on my hands, which would be fun as I haven't had one of those since the early 90's. Not that I have the guts to ride jumpers, mind you, but I am very good at cheering them on from the stands (and they are the MOST fun to watch, in my opinion!)