Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not even smart enough for the sea monkeys

We've joked before that we should send out sea monkey breeding kits to the BYBs that display a particular lack of the necessary intelligence to breed anything bigger. I have to say, I wouldn't even subject the sea monkeys to this girl. My comments in blue as usual.

"Champ is a 5 year old stud pony and he's very loveable and kind he's is kinda shy until he learns your trust . I walk him up and down the street as if he was a big dog lol he not afriad of cars or other animals (After where he lives, what would be scarier?) we had him since he was born and my stepfather never did nothing with him so i deiced (looks like he could use de-icing in that second picture!) to halter brake last summer and he dont have any foals on the ground (THANK GOD!) and he would make a really nice gelding (No, honey, he wouldn't even make a nice gelding. But he still needs to be one.) and if u breed him i belive he'll be 85% color due to haveing b&w parents and gradparents. (Genetics by Lindsey!) he's is great and he never been rode but today (1-23-08) i sat on his back and he just stood there like he's broke so he'll be VERY easy to start riding (yep because if they don't blow the first time, they never will. It's not like they get their balance four rides in and start throwing shit at you. That never happens.) and i was going to keep him for a trick horse (of course you were!) and if he dont sale (SELL! SELL! SELL! Why do you people have so much trouble with the difference between sell and sale?) soon i still will so buy him while you can (and save him from his future as a "trick horse") and i took new pics of him today(1-23-08) so u can call or email me thanks."

Conformationally, ol' Champ is pretty much of a train wreck. Those are the worst set of cow hocks I think I have ever seen, and the front legs look crooked too, though I suspect lack of hoof care is involved. He's got that Nicole Richie oversized head look that I associate with long term poor nutrition. On the plus side, he's got a nice shoulder and he's a whopping $250 to buy if anybody feels like upgrading the poor little guy and getting him away from that lovely horse facility!