Thursday, February 14, 2008

Probably the rarest horse on the planet!

(I love off-the-wall advertising, it's awesome!) Emphasis in bold in the text of the ad is mine.

Probably the rarest horse on the planet!

"Munay is an Akhal-Teke X Andalusian. Since both breeds are rare, she is a unique find. This filly is gray going white. She is smart, gentle, a pretty mover and will be a tuff athlete. Her legs are very correct. It was a miracle that she was even conceived or that her dam carried her to term. Her dams old owner had not been able to get her in foal for 11 yrs. Plus she had foundered and refounderd after getting in foal. Munay was born 2007 on Easter Sunday. Her Andy lines are the old sought after military lines. Her sire is Gam,an Akhal-Teke stallion of the Aksakhal line. Both parents are beautiful movers and TUFF! Both are intelligent and kind. Munay will be a very kind, tuff and smart athlete with just a little something else. She is a special filly looking for that special someone."

Good God. Your poor old Andalusian mare probably is TUFF to have survived all of those founder episodes (well, I guess we are assuming she survived) while pregnant. But we know it is justified because she was carrying THE RAREST HORSE ON THE PLANET!

As I've said before here, some things are rare for a reason. Did ya ever think that maybe there's no great demand for Akhal Teke-Andalusian crosses in the world and it's not that you're just so clever and inspired? Nope, you didn't. You figured you were the only one who had such a brilliant idea to cross those two breeds!

All this pain and suffering to create what in my never-humble-opinion is a homely filly with a funky hip. The chestnut to the right of her is way cuter.