Thursday, July 19, 2007

With apologies to Dr. Seuss and my former professors...yes, more Horses of Color!

Do you like a colored horse?
Of course I like a colored horse!

I like it with a great big head!
I like it better gold than red!
I like it with a neck that's short!
I like the most post-legged sort!
I like it with a fluffy tail!
We'll look so pretty down the trail!
Do you want a horse with some panache?
Better bring a lot of cash!

I like it fat, I like it bony!
I like it if it's just a pony!
Crooked legs? I do not care!
As long as it's got lots of hair!
I like it short as well as tall!
I like it with no hip at all!
Camped out hocks? No cause for gripes,
Just focus on the tiger stripes!

I like it with a neck that's stumpy
And withers that are really lumpy
I like it with a pie-shaped head
If it's got spots, it should be bred!
Got babies now, all set to go!
Got to sell before the snow!
Bring your trailer, don't delay!
(I need the money to buy hay)
Three in one, what a steal!
Don't miss out on this great deal!
Come and buy, if you fail
I'll have to take them to the sale
The market's bad, no one's buying
It's not my fault if they wind up dying
Anyway, never fear...
Got twelve more foals on the way next year!

The last horse was sent in to me to be featured by someone who was kind enough to rescue him, geld him, and make him a riding horse. Two thumbs up to her for both removing him from the gene pool and giving him a good home where he can be useful!

Tomorrow: An alert reader sent me the web site of someone who is breeding Paso Finos to Appaloosas. Yay, it's the Passaloosa! No, actually, she has a fancy schmancy name for them and is calling them - are ya ready? - Spanish Jennet Tiger Horses. The last time I checked, a Jennet was a mule. This is going to be entertaining.