Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When will it end?

Update: see Monday for Monday's "new" post. I started writing it on Monday and it posted as Monday even though I published it today. Sorry, a Blogger genius I am not.

The promised "real" post is in progress, but in the meantime here's today's detour into the land of crazy, irresponsible horse breeding. Can I go put banners in front of their farms saying "The National Kill Buyer's Association Thanks You For Doing Your Part To Keep Up Our Supply!" ???


$200 and up Herd Reduction - 17 horses Vernal, UT 84078 - Jul 23, 2007 My husband passed away and now I just have too many horses to care for alone. These are good horses at excellent prices - some are grade and some are registered. The moms are pretty skinny right now. (in JULY? wtf? What, are they on a 1 acre dirt lot?) Daisy - beautiful 4 year old palomino mare, grade pasofino/thoroughbred/quarter, broke to ride, but hasn't been ridden in several year (when the hell did you break her? Oh, of course, 16 months, right?) = $200 Tawny – registered sorrel overo paint filly, coming 2 year old, blue eyes, should mature at about 15.2 hands, halter broke - $350 Nyla – Unregistered Spanish Barb mare, exposed to SMR/AIHR dun stallion for 2007 foal, 15.1 hands – big sturdy mare with a gentle, loving personality, halter broke - $300 OBO dun filly on side - $100 with mom Cappacino – Spanish mustang/appaloosa cross long yearling filly, bay, may color as she gets older, sweet disposition, – should mature at 14 to 14.1 hands – $200 OBO Sierra – Registerable Spanish mustang mare, 14 hands, sweet but a little shy, has not been halter broke - $200 OBO Peaches – Registerable AIHR zebra dun yearling filly, should mature at 15 to 15.2 hands, she is already a big beautiful girl with a great mind and wonderful disposition, ready to start (yearling, ready to start? Bing, bing, I guessed right about their training philosophy!) - $300 Midnight - yearling registered black and white varnish Appaloosa colt; sweet disposition; halter-broke - $200 Snowman - Pure white long yearling Mustang stud colt; amber eyes; should mature about 14-14.2 hands; personality plus; loves his behind scratched, ready to start - $500 Dash - registered 2 year old Appaloosa gelding; he's a pocket pony; loves attention - $400 Trixie - Registered AIHR 6 year old blood bay Mustang mare; bred to SMR/AIHR zebra dun stallion for 2007 foal, she was an orphan foal that my husband raised and loves men - $300 dun filly on side - $100 with mom Clover - 4 year old Sulphur Spanish Mustang Mare - Dark grullo - Not bred (Thank you, Jesus!) - $200 Shasta - Mustang filly- Black with Chrome - 9 months - $200 Bonnie - Registered Appaloosa filly - 4 year old - broke to ride - loves to go $900 Smokin' - Registered AQHA black gelding - 4 years old - broke to ride - very gentle - probably make a great kid's horse as he matures - $500 Star - weanling stud colt, zebra dun, may go grullo (what do you have there, the Harry Potter Magikal Color Changing Sword? He's either a dun or a grulla, the two colors are totally different) , ready to go end of August - $200 Celine - weanling filly, zebra dun, may go grullo, ready to go end of September - $200 Hopscotch - weanling filly, zebra dun, ready to go end of August - $200


Got a migraine yet? It gets better.

Beautiful Egyptian Arabian mare 12 years 14 1/2 hands - $250
Reply to:
sale-379367005@craigslist.org : 2007-07-21, 10:25PM PDTHorse for sale (Egyptian Arabian , mare)Beautiful Egyptian Arabian horse for sale. She is about 12 years old and has never had a halter on her, though she has been in a trailer at least once. ('cause we know she wasn't born here, hell if we know how someone got her here. She come with the farm when me and Maw bought it.) She has mainly been a pasture ornament for the last four years. (Mainly? She's not even halter broke. WTF else has she been, unless of course you bred her, which I suspect with GREAT horror from looking at her that you did.) She has a beautiful gate (I'm sure she has a beautiful fence, too, otherwise she would have left and found better owners by now) and is certainly show quality. (Are you on crack?) She is so pretty when she runs. (They don't have a show class for "bolting in fear at the sight of humans.") Perfect for someone who has time to train her. (And excellent health insurance!) She is friendly and loves attention. (As long as you are carrying food and don't try to touch her)

All joking aside, I feel awful for these horses.