Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Okay, I just hate some people

*big sigh*

Sad little filly with legs that will never be good for anything...dumped at a killer lot, "rescued," now fattened up and on a sale site as an "All-Around Prospect."

This is so sad. So much dropping of the ball here. I don't know what percentage of this is bad genetics and which percentage is feed-related, but you can't fix those legs.

Again, it is not cute to breed horses or have babies around when you do not know what you are doing. Someone should be very, very ashamed of themselves with regard to this filly. She has no future. The only thing she can do is hang out "all around" the barn until she gets too crippled to walk.

I know it's not exactly going to have to go over x-country fences. I know it is a mini. But again, why breed anything if you aren't going to try to breed an excellent quality animal? What is the purpose? When I look at this, I can only imagine that some high school dropout was trying to make fast money breeding miniature horses. (Next they will try alpacas.)

This animal's got four super crooked legs and has anybody trimmed those front hooves ever? I would be ashamed to put this picture on the Internet, but one thing the Internet teaches us (and without even going to the "amateur" sites) is that some people have no shame. Good grief.