Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where's Planned Parenthood when you need it?

Today we're going to talk about teenage pregnancy aka Morons Who Breed Their Two Year Old Fillies. I was shocked to see quite a few of these out there. As with humans, just because you physically CAN get pregnant does not mean you are physically mature enough to safely tolerate a pregnancy. Any vet will tell you that 2 years old is too early and breeding may result in the filly's growth being stunted, not to mention pregnancy and foaling complications. But hey, why ask the vet? The vet costs money. The neighbor did it and his filly was just fine, right?

On the left is this lovely example. Big old head, ewe neck, posed terribly so it's hard to critique her legs (honestly, her left hind looks longer than her right hind, this picture is so bad.) 2 year old breeding stock paint bred to a Perlino AQHA stallion (you knew there was a color-obsessed breeder involved here).

We are assured he, and I quote, "has a 90%+ rate of throughing a buckskin foal." They are selling because they are getting into minis only. Pass the Advil.

Another pregnant two year old, this is your typical stocky little straight shouldered, chunky, short (I'm guessing, they refused to post her height!) undistinguished cowhorse bred mare. And yes, she is a 2005 in foal for 2008!

Reason for selling "Only offered for sale because feed is extremely hard to find in our area at this time." OK, folks, she's just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Any Utahns care to comment on the vast shortage of feed just outside the biggest city in the state? Yeah. I didn't think so. Maybe there's a shortage of money in the Bambi the Breeder (no, I am not making that name up) household. So why are ALL of their mares in foal to produce even MORE horses that are NOT selling?

Another typical short, stubby-necked cowhorse bred filly, but this time with a super short croup and a lovely set of post legs behind. And a pedigree with a raft of unknowns with no performance records until you get several generations back, aka the point at which virtually every horse has some kind of a successful ancestor.

But hey, she is cremello! And so we had to breed her! At two! To a palomino! Whose sire and dam are out of the same mare. And whose second dam's sire and dam are out of the same mare. I have a name for the foal. How about Peppy King Incest?

Of course, she's not broke either but she, and I quote, "leads and trailers good."

OK, this one popped up because they put down her date foaled as November 2005. Since she is noted as having a 2006 foal, I can only assume the seller got confoozled by the scary, complicated DreamHorse listing form and put down the date she most recently gave birth and that the mare is actually older?

Regardless, I just had to post this one anyway because (a) she's hideous and (b) she's a Pinto in foal to a "registered half Friesian stallion." Oh and (c) she is not broke to ride.

Hey, they only want $6500 for her! Don't all hurt yourselves rushing down to Louisiana with your trailers!

OK back to topic...greedy fuckers, stop breeding your two year old fillies! They are not mature enough! Here's a clue: You may actually have to feed a horse for three years before you get to ride it, breed it, etc. Yes, that is expensive. Welcome to horsekeeping!

If you want a cash income producing business, buy a laundromat. Breeding horses isn't it!