Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Friday, I'm feeling lazy, let's see you guys give it a shot!

Here is a grade mare for sale with the following description. I just had to emphasize some statements in particular:

XXX is a grade mare I purchased from the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice herd (see Texas brands). She came in a two for one deal with a filly by her side. My neighbor owns the filly - pictured. XXX is a very healthy, stout, solid horse with hooves like rocks, easy going, gets along with other horses, and dogs. She has been pasture kept, barefoot, and is an easy keeper. She was sold to me as ''good broke - anyone can ride'' but she had not been ridden much as she had foaled 7 years running, and I have not put much time in on her. I would put only an experienced rider on her after some groundwork. She could certainly throw another foal or two. She's a good momma. With her temperment, she would be an excellent pasture companion. I have limited time and a young son I want to have ride, so I need a good starter horse. This gal walks around nice and calm, leads like a puppy dog, but she can still get up and go with the best of them. Just needs a good home.


OK everybody, start your engines! Comment and give me your evaluation of this mare's conformation and whether or not it is a good idea that she has had seven foals in a row. Comments on the content of the ad are likewise welcome. It is probably not a good idea to make actual threats against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, so perhaps use a bit of restraint. Have fun and happy Friday!