Monday, July 30, 2007

Fugly person of the day

Had to pass this one along. Check out today's Craigslist asshat. In a previous posting, he noted that little kids can ride her but that is it because "her feet are too sore." Lovely.

25 yo mare needs retirement home NOW!
Reply to:
comm-385285473@craigslist.orgDate: 2007-07-30, 10:45AM PDT FREE!!! My mare needs somewhere to go where she can retire! She is registered, so you could try to breed her, but no guarantees that she will take with her age. If I had a big pasture to put her out on, I would keep her, but I dont.. and I dont wanna feed her through the winter.. I have too many young horses who need the extra feed. I am donating her to the local Tiger Park if no one comes to get her by the weekend. Shes a sweet mare, and I dont wanna do that.. but I dont really have a choice! Thanks! SHE IS FREE!

I posted in response and told him he was an asshole and he then e-mailed me and said "why are you sending me this, I don't even own a horse." Um, no one sent YOU anything. I posted on Craigslist. You are responding to my posting because you do, in fact, own a horse - one which you are going to send to the Tiger Park because you are a cheap asshole who has too many horses and did not plan for winter, and are upset I called you on your evil, irresponsible behavior. Will Romaine at, you are not one of this century's great thinkers.

If any of the rest of you agree with my thoughts on Mr. Romaine, feel free to let him know your thoughts on his posting!

And if anybody in the Grants Pass, Oregon area has space for this poor mare, who sounds absolutely crippled and I suspect may even be an actionable neglect case, please head on over with a trailer - and take a lot of pictures.

$100 says he's got at least one baby out of this mare...

Backyard breeders, you suck.

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