Thursday, July 26, 2007

A good horse is never a bad color, but a bad horse can be a good color - Part I, Sabino Thoroughbreds

I like exotic colored horses as much as the next person. Truly I do. But like any horse, they must also have correct conformation, athletic ability and a good disposition. Let's look at Trendy Color #1 today. These are two sabino Thoroughbreds...but what a difference.

This is a 2004 stallion (we will hope and assume this is not a 2007 picture) that is a red roan sabino Thoroughbred. A friend of mine likes to say that a true stallion prospect screams at you that he's a stallion when you look at him. All I get from this colt is the high-pitched nicker of the wimpy gelding who gets his ass kicked by the mares in the pasture. You know the one I mean!

Here we have a scrawny upside-down neck (he's scrawny in general, again, I hope this is a yearling picture), hocks that are camped waaaay out there, possibly in a different zip code, and what exactly is going on below the hock on this side? This isn't an awful colt. I like his shoulder and that he's compact. But when I look at him, the only thing he is screaming is GELD ME! at the top of his lungs.

Ah, here we go. Here is colored AND drop-dead gorgeous for you. This is also a 2004, a buckskin sabino Thoroughbred filly. I love this filly. What is not to love? Beautifully balanced, exemplary shoulder, gorgeous neck, defined throatlatch, compact build, pretty head, cute ears, good legs with good pasterns. The feet are somewhat obscured by being in sandy footing - they do look smallish but I suspect they look fine on solid ground.

I can see this filly excelling at a variety of disciplines. If she can do that and be a cool color, I am all for the cool color! It is just the icing on the cake with this filly, who is absolutely broodmare quality when her show career is finished.

I'll do more of these. I have some great examples coming up of palominos, paints, grullas, and more! Again, thanks for all the e-mail, yes, I'm behind reading it. Lots to do in the real world lately!