Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In honor of the 4th of July...let's look at some new lawn furniture!

Happy Independence Day everybody! Yes, I know it's the 3rd but I doubt I will get a post up tomorrow as I will be taking advantage of the day off work by conducting a yearling beautification rodeo. I should sell tickets, it is guaranteed to be entertaining!

In honor of the holiday, welcome to the Fuglyhorseoftheday Furniture Showroom. I am seeing more and more sale ads involving horses being used as furniture. I believe it's supposed to prove they are quiet, but let's be realistic here - even a really stupid horse can stand still and tolerate this for the time it takes to snap a picture. And if he/she can't, there is always Ace.

This picture just makes me wonder if there is a really hideous croup under the teenager with the high water pants. I would also recommend the teenager on the neck drape her arms down to hide the line of the shoulder, because it is nothing to write home about. Arabians normally have better shoulder angles than this. This particular dapple gray couch sells for $5,000.

Got a bit more to spend? For just $5500, you can pick up this fine looking bay couch. At least I think there is a horse under there. It is kind of hard to tell what with the Hawaiian print sleazy hood and the shipping boots,

Again, this picture just makes me wonder what they are trying to hide. Hmmm, shipping boots + legs cut out of the picture = scary lower legs? Maybe, maybe not, but they are doing this horse no favors with this picture.

If your lawn furniture budget is a bit smaller, you can get this buckskin model for $1200. You will note that it features the optional swayback, guaranteed to keep you secure in your seat while allowing you the freedom to reach for your beer or the remote. :-)