Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today's edition of: Just because it's got spots...

Be very quiet! We have a rare opportunity to get a picture of a Spotted Snow Yak with one of its young. Observe the incredibly long unattractive head and the awful mutton withers, not to mention the classic "nest" on the mare, who does not look as if she could raise her head from that position if her life depended upon it. Wonderful shoulder, too. It's practically vertical! Bet she's quite the special mover.

And sure, lots of babies are not born with perfectly straight legs, but the ones that wind up with them are usually over at the knee at first, not waaay back at it as though their knees were double jointed.

But hey, it has spots. Maybe it can be in the circus!

I am not sure if this filly is trying to count up to how many thousands of dollars they are trying to sell her for, or if she is simply being a brat. This little wonder is described as a "Spotted Draft/Sport Horse of Color." Who came up with that term, the National Association for The Advancement of Colored Horses? Well, as long as we are being p.c., this filly has some, shall we say, challenges. Her neck is about the same width at the top as at the base. Her croup is super short - look how high that tail attaches. She will probably become less downhill over time but her back end does not have the look of an athlete.

Behind the silly faux breed names is allegedly a 1/2 Standardbred, 1/2 Quarter Horse filly (but where the heck did the spots come from?). Also, the alleged Standardbred sire does not come up in the USTA database. I don't know, is that database incomplete or is this person confused about what exactly they have bred? Sure looks like it could be a Clydesdale/QH which would explain the spots as well as the designation of being a Spotted DRAFT. Hey, breeder lady? Neither Standardbreds nor Quarter Horses are drafts. Do you really not know what it is you bred together, past that "it had spots?" You scare me. A lot.

This picture makes me ask the question "What Would George Morris Do?" I mean, if he survived the aneurysm looking at this picture would bring on.

C'mon folks, if you don't have a better jumping picture than this, just give up and post a flat shot. He looks like he skidded into the base of the jump, went "oh shit" and snatched up his knees. They are practically tucked all the way under his body. This is pretty scary to look at and makes me think "good thing she is wearing a helmet."

This isn't a fugly horse but if this is the best it can do, and they didn't just select the worst picture ever to try to sell it with, it has a seriously fugly jump!

Yeah, yeah I know, I am picking on spotted horses. But why do spotted horse people just post the worst pictures? Y'all are like Britney going out in public without her panties on. You're just providing me with an endless sea of content.