Friday, March 13, 2009

Winter's almost over! Dust off those horses - and yourself!

I don't know about where you are, but here in Seattle we're actually seeing some sunshine and dry ground. From a rescue perspective, the grass is starting to grow and the # of "dumps" should decrease as horses become cheap to keep again...let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief!

So it's time to get out there and do something with those shaggy horses, and it's also a good time to do something to help out horse rescues. Sometimes you can do both at once! Here are some examples of what's going on in different areas - feel free to post more to the comments.

I got an e-mail about a rescue in British Columbia that's putting on what sounds like a really fun event for rescued horses! Greener Pastures is having a Standardbred Games Day on April 26th in Langley. At 6 classes for $35, it's a fun day that won't break the bank and it supports Standardbred Rescue so if you're in B.C., think about heading out for some fun with your horse!

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue, another favorite of mine, is having a spring clean-up day on March 21st in Mount Airy, MD. So if you're local, go get some exercise - you know you need it before bathing suit season! - and help a deserving rescue.

For you Seattle area folks, Save a Forgotten Equine is having an art show and silent auction on April 5th in Tacoma.

Texans, check out LOPE's Benefit Horse Show on May 9th in Seguin. It's another budget-friendly competition with classes at just $5 each! Remember, most breed associations have an open show awards program in which you can earn points and compete for year end awards. LOPE got a great turnout last year, so I'm seeing a lot of potential points to be earned! What could be better than showing and supporting a worthy rescue?

Er, never mind - I think I found even better. Wine tasting and supporting a worthy rescue! You can join Days End Horse Rescue on April 9th in Clarksville, MD for an evening of dinner, drinks, and both a live and silent auction. For those of you who, like me, occasionally like to scrape off the layer of barn filth and get dressed up in something cute and look like a girl again, this event sounds like a golden opportunity!

More casual or looking for some exercise? OK, join Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue on May 17th in Chesapeake City, MD for their 5K run/walk and fun dog walk with doggie games.

Moving down to the Southwest, Equine Voices is having a tack sale and silent auction TOMORROW, March 14, in Tucson, AZ. Equine Voices has been in the news this week for their rescue of Solo Vino, a horse who was brutally beaten in the head (scroll down on their main page to see the story). Solo Vino is in the vet hospital awaiting surgery and so far, so good.

NorCal Equine Rescue in Oroville, CA continues to do regular euthanasia and gelding clinics and they can always use your help, whether that is a donation or a pair of hands ready to work. Check out their blog for the stories. It is sad to see the old Cushings mare who clearly had no chance, but how much more horrible would it be to think of her on a slaughter truck? Meanwhile, the cute little Arabian mare was saved thanks to the euth clinic and is available for a new home! Kudos to NorCal for providing a much-needed option for desperate horse owners other than the auction - and kudos to the owners for making the right choice.

For those of you in Colorado, Front Range Equine Rescue is holding an Equine Education Day on May 16 at Latigo Trails Heritage Centre (13710 Halleluliah Trail, Elbert/Black Forest), 9 to 5. They will have vendor booths, guest speakers, demonstrations, used tack sale, food, door prizes and hay give-away. Admission is free so check it out!

Friday Featured Rescue - Mini version! Yes, today's FFR is a little guy, rescued by Jamie Cheslock of Oregon along with many, many of his little friends from a breeder-gone-bad situation.

"Rudy came from a site that had over 30 miniature horses along with several cows, pigs and chickens. All of the animals were emaciated, covered in lice and full of worms. We spent several months working with the owner and the local law enforcement to get the conditions improved but ended up taking 27 of the horses to my rescue and adopting them out. Rudy is one of the last miniatures that hasn’t yet been adopted. He is a very sweet little guy but a little shy. Rudy is a stallion and will need to be castrated; his adoption fee of $200.00 goes directly towards the cost of his surgery which will be done here before he goes to his new home. He has some mild dwarfism characteristics and locking stifles but none of these affects his health or ability to function like a normal little horse. He is looking for someone to take him home and love him for the rest of his life."

Rudy is a little bit west of Portland, Oregon and would love to find a home. E-mail Jamie if you would like to meet Rudy!