Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I don't think wallet therapy for BYB's was what the IRS had in mind!

Here's a new one. Now we have a non-profit therapeutic riding center that is not only breeding horses, but wants sponsors to support those horses until they are riding age! As I often say, I do not make this stuff up.

"We are CannonRidge, a non-profit, 501c3 org, providing therapeutic riding. We are currently looking for adoptive parents that will nurture and love foals, through three year old horses. Adoption fees range from $100.00 a month, as an adoption monthy fee, or $1000.00 and up to adopt them permanently. The horses are Stonewall and Knabstruppers. They have draft in them, so very versitile and stocky enough for all sizes. Others avail. Inquire for pictures and adoption fees."

From her web site: "
Max is used to increase our funding for the center, by breeding our mares. When the mares give birth, we imprint the foals and then most are adopted. The money then goes back to the center to pay for the many expenses of running a center." Well, I'm guessing adoptions are down and now you want someone else to feed all of these foals you have thoughtlessly produced!

I have to admit, Linda, this is a new twist - a rather artful blending of backyard breeding of "Sport Horses of Color" (aka fugly spotted grade things) and misusing the 501(c)(3) for your own ends. Tell me, when you applied for that, did you note that you'd be conducting a breeding program and expecting to use donations to fund that breeding program? Just guessing that wouldn't have gotten through approvals...

She even seems to be stumping for food for her stallion! Check out his page - at the bottom she notes "$50 pays for one month of feed" and provides a paypal link. You have GOT to be kidding, lady. Of course she thinks he's breeding quality, even though his show record seems to consist of placing dead last in two introductory dressage classes. And those foals you are supporting if you are dumb enough to sign on to sponsor? She's selling them for $2500 and up. But hey, they're imprinted and Parelli trained! *headdesk*

How do these people continue to get away with their crap? I can never get over it...

Regarding the toddler-kicked-in-face incident - this is why I scream every time I see a toddler running loose in the weanling pasture on someone's web site. This stuff happens! Toddlers are, unfortunately, located right at the perfect height to get kicked in the face. And they're prone to acting their age and doing things like running up to "hug" the horse's leg or grabbing the tail. Please keep them out of the line of fire!

On a related note, it's bad enough when they do this at the pony rides, but at least at the pony rides, the pony is typically in a very small area and restrained. This child is seat-belted to an annoyed looking pony in an area plenty large enough for said pony to really get up some steam. Helmetless, of course. What always gets me is how many parents think that certain horses/ponies are just "good" and wouldn't do something bad to a child. Yes, certain horses/ponies are more tolerant, and certain horses/ponies are naturally lazy and less likely to do something sudden, but when it all shakes out - it is a prey animal and if something scares it, it will behave like one.

I'm not opposed to a competent teenager riding a stallion, but this 12 year old just isn't ready. She's not that solid and I'm way too distracted worrying about her riding a 4 year old, 16.3 stallion in an open area to look at the horse. Again, just more silly theatrics to sell a cute but unaccomplished horse. By the way, should the stud fee really be $2000 on something you can buy for $2500? And why are we zooming in on the kid's face in the video? It's a sale video for the horse, right? Try to remember what you are marketing here.

Regarding the narrowly-rescued Jazzercise, aka Nic, aka Miles, he's a star! Check out his story in the news.

Regarding yesterday's post - I got an e-mail that North Dakota is already trying to encourage showing of their OTTBs with an incentive program and cash prizes. Great idea, ND!