Saturday, March 21, 2009

But I can't leave him, I'm pregnant!

Read it before it gets deleted. Here we have Katie from Tennessee and I am guessing that is her Horse Abuser Boyfriend with her. I must give the denizens of HorseCity some credit - they are NOT letting her slide with her multitude of excuses about how hard her boyfriend works and how she's pregnant and blah blah...

I do think it's difficult to find a man whose standard of horse care is compatible with yours. This is, of course, the extreme example but I know a lot of women who don't quite trust their husband with the horses. Of course, I've also seen the reverse, where the husband is much better about ensuring the horses are cared for than the wife. As with child-rearing, I guess it works if one person is conscientious and always there to pick up any dropped balls. I was with a guy for years whose horse care was definitely sub-standard before I got involved. They weren't starving but hoof care and deworming and things like that were definitely not up to par. They were living in tie stalls which I quickly put a stop to. We bickered a lot at first since, you know, this is how his family had done things since the dawn of time (as I've said before, you can do something for thirty years and still suck at it) and then he realized it was easier to just let me do what I wanted with the horses. (It's like horse training - make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard, ha ha!). But this girl isn't even living with the father of her future child. She abandoned her mare with a guy that (you can't tell me she didn't know this) is careless about care, and she didn't check on her. Who does that?

I hope the mare makes it. And I hope this girl has at least learned the lesson that if she is going to stay in this relationship, animal care is HER job. And I wouldn't trust Mr. Notices Nothing with the baby, either. He'll be the dude who forgets the baby is in the back of the car!