Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Craigslist stallion extravaganza!

Ah yes, still plenty of folks like our friend last night who have their heads in the sand about overbreeding and the's a sampling of Craigslist stallions for your, um, consideration!

Beauty - always in the eye of the beholder. (pictured at left)

But I really need money for college, so breed to my stallion. Maybe in college, they will teach her how to spell her horse's breed!

And we've been riding him since the day he turned two! Hony-sized spotted stallion, "out of" two horses (Studley Has Two Mommies?)

Sattle Broke Stud. Damned if I can tell what it is. Mustang, maybe?

WTF - are you writing a personal ad? Amorous rendezvous? Is he gonna buy the mare flowers first? I think this is a cute horse but why are we whoring him out for $100? Do you think THAT will lead to improving your breed?

Bucksin Stallion - comes complete with herd of small children. No mention of HERDA status and primary accomplishment seems to be siring color out of a breeding stock mare once.

Very well-manured Spotted Draft Stud

Here you go. Buy your own stud for just $500! (pictured at left)

Do you suppose if they sell some breedings, they will be able to afford to feed him better?

The back view shot is not your friend.

Bloodlines date back nearly 200 years! (And whose do not?)

Well, he's dog broke and homozygous - what more do you want?

And amid that, plenty of decent stallions with "reduced stud fees due to the economy." The economy shouldn't make you reduce your stud fees - it should make you either hold steady in the hopes that only those who are financially stable will breed their mare, or (even better) announce that your stallion is taking a year off or his book will be limited due to the economy. That's an ad I'd like to see!