Thursday, March 26, 2009

There is a sucker born every minute!

And most of them own fertile mares. *sigh*

This cracks me up...some time back, a blog reader invented a faux ad for her faux stallion, a Kolored Fugly that anybody should have had enough sense to realize wasn't real, even if he hadn't been named Con's Fugally Mixaster.

But no! Not only did people not realize she was being sarcastic, they wanted to breed to him and e-mailed her inquiries!

She now has a blog dedicated to those responses.


I'm just happy he's pretend, but I suspect that these people will find a live one with balls and live out their dream of creating the next $50 auction yearling. I just want to sit these people down and show them a film of scared babies at the auctions and slaughter, the same way they showed us those disgusting, bloody car accident films in high school to scare the crap out of us (if you're my age - I am sure they don't do that anymore, now some parent would sue for traumatizing their child!).

If I see ONE MORE FREE old horse I am going to scream. If you can't afford to feed them, please put them to sleep. Mr. Horse Dealer will be knocking on your door soon with a great story about how his wife just wants a pet (well, maybe not for the buckskin, there's not enough meat there to bother!). Putting "no meat buyers!" in your ad does not create any kind of legal condition. It's like putting "no freaks" in your personal ad!