Monday, March 9, 2009

Cheap Twit du Jour!

Craigslist gem of the day! Click to see it full size.

My comments in

"We are looking for an experience rider. I have a 13.3hh petite Haflinger mare that we need to start under saddle. I could start her myself but am too big to ride her. She is ready to ride now. She has had all her basic's done and has been sat on once. She will be VERY easy to start. She was tack the first time by a ten year old novice who also lunged her for the first time in a western saddle. She did not buck.
(Sounds nice so far - glad to see all the ground work has been done although I do question the wisdom of 10 year olds teaching greenies to longe. They just don't have the strength to deal with it if the horse had misbehaved.)

We have a 50ft round pen a 204 X 80 covered and lighted arena, rain or shine day or night we can ride. We even have trails right of the property which she has been ponied through a billion times.

(Sounds like a nice facility, but a billion times?)

We have a full show schedule and would be willing to haul her to shows so you could show. We also trail ride a lot during the summer.


I sadly cannot pay for your time WHAT? but it would be a great learning experience FOR THE FILLY! and you would have full access to regular horse shows and riding. Yes, we're all dying for the experience of riding your greenie at her first shows in exchange FOR NOTHING. We are planning to go to 2 every month. TWO SHOWS A MONTH BUT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY SOMEONE TO TRAIN YOUR GREENIE? There is a Haflinger breed show in June that we will be heading to in OR. OK, you can afford to haul to breed shows many miles away but you can't afford to pay someone to train your greenie? If you would like to go to this you need to let me know ASAP as I only have two empty spots in our trailer, which will fill fast.

We bred Tanoka and she is currently for sale but would like to get her going under saddle. So she will sell for more money! We'd love to profit off your FREE LABOR. She could do just about anything, English or western.

You MUST be dedicated to come out at LEAST 3 times a week or it is not worth it. TO WHO? Yeah, I guess it's really important you get your un-money's worth! We are in Arlington about 7 min off of I-5. Email or call with questions. Thanks for looking."

FHOTD back in: OK, I sincerely believe that a lot of normally financially solvent people are in trouble these days through no fault of their own. But when you are still able to afford to show 2x a month, when you are still merrily breeding horses as evidenced by your web site and at least assume you will sell them for healthy prices based upon aforementioned web site, the "too poor to pay a trainer" claim just doesn't ring true. At least that is what I assume you mean by you CAN'T pay. Maybe you are just so cheap that you fear you will injure yourself trying to crowbar a few bucks out of your wallet?

This farm has NICE horses. I am not picking on their horses or horse care at all. But assuming that someone else should show up reliably 3x a week when you're not even offering them gas money and start your filly from scratch is arrogant and ridiculous. Why would they do that? If a young, accomplished rider wants to learn to train, they can go on the web and find themselves an assistant trainer/working student position where they will at the very least get fed and housed, and usually paid something. And usually with someone who is a big name in their breed/discipline so that the experience they acquire will mean something when they move on.

Samantha, YOU don't train for free. Your web site clearly states that you charge $360. Why do you expect that of someone else? Fair's fair - if the filly needs a smaller rider, pay someone for their time, effort and risk in breaking out a young horse.