Thursday, March 5, 2009

What goes around FINALLY comes around!

Most of us can name someone in the horse business who is 100% a con artist, who has gone on for years and years and years defrauding others, and yet hasn't had to pay for his or her crimes! It's frustrating to say the least to see honest people go under while $cammers live high on the hog off of other people's money, and like slippery little weasels, evade the consequences time and time again.

That's why I was thrilled to hear that Trina Kenney FINALLY went down! She got arrested yesterday by the Victorville FBI.

Trina has a very long history in the horse biz. She is well known for selling horses she never delivers, delivering a different horse than the buyer saw advertised, and generally parting people from their cash as quickly as possible with zero concern for the horses or the little kids who wait for horses that will never arrive. The list of victims is long - here's just some of it, from the forum:

Kim P in Covina CA won her suit and still has Charlie. He had Strangles and is lame

Suzanne B San Diego CA, has King Arthur, bought for her 11 yo (definitely NOT bombproof) won her suit

John and Sylvia Boron CA, They are the oldest victims we have found so far from back in the fall of 2004. They returned their horse and she died. The pic is SO sad, you can tell she was starved. Lost their suit

Cathy B Coulterville TN bought Chester, lame in all 4 underweight with Neuro problems. He was supposed to be a "Sweet 16" gift for her daughter who is experienced in Hunter/Jumper. Won her suit

Debbie and Ed R Phelan CA bought an "ex camp horse" who was actually a tatooed ex racer. He had an Esophageal obstruction and had to be put down 6 days after they got him. Their 17 yo and 8 yo I'm sure will NEVER forget the experience. Won Their suit

Judy C in CO, myself, and Emily P in Eureka CA all bought the same horse. Emily got him and let me take him. Maximus now named Whisper is on a ranch in Idaho right now. Trina made $7200 off 3 people for one lame horse.

Debbie P in TX got a paint with 8* long hooves, lame with a hernia and Parrot mouth.

Evelyn M. in CA bought a filly with Strangles that infected 2 seperate ranches

Kate B in CA bought a horse for her disabled son and got a horse with Strangles Christmas Eve.

Dr. Carrie bought 2 horses, got one horse (the same one bought by Mary B IN WI) sent him back and got another that was unbroke, and a lame mare. One went to a rescue and the other is with John and Sylvia

Melanie F in San Diego... I could write this story for hours. She bought a horse for her 8 yo daughter, then was accused of stealing one, killing a pug puppy (the Pug had been Dr. Carrie's). I found the "stolen horse" Shadow he was 300lbs underweight and 25 not 12 years old. He lives with me.

Monica S in NJ bought 2 horses and received neither.

Mary B in WI and Shawn O in WI each bought a horse and neither received one. The horses they bought were also sold to Melanie and Dr. Carrrie.

Nicole K in LA CA bought "Hampton"...and returned him he had Strangles. 3 Folks on the new team bought "Hampton" too.

Pam A in San Jose CA.... the horse doesn't even look the same and had cuts ALL over it, but her and her hubby are giving the mare a great home still

Amanda in CA bought a horse for her kids, not bombproof, but a brood mare.

Lori G in CA the mare she went to see went over on her backwards on the property in Phelan and Trina didn't even call 911... I don't know how she managed to keep from gettting killed.

Carolyn A in CA works for the Barstow Humane Society and got a horse a family donated with Strangles.. and nursed the mare back to health.

Max in Ca Traded an English Mastiff for a pony and it threw his 8 yo son into the fence.

Nancy Q in CA got a brood mare for her kids vs a bombproof beginners horse

William T got one horse, lame and exchanged it for another horse who was unbroken, hard to tell when you see a horse and it's been buted.

Lisa in WY just got 2 horses. [The Palomino had] cuts and scars all over and the paint didn't look too good either.

And what does Ms. Kenney do when called on her shit? Oh this is beautiful...she was running around posting that one of the people trying to shut her down was a child molester and saying that another was a stalker with multiple restraining orders against her. COME ON! It's easy to verify online that these accusations were untrue. Trina, if you are going to try to deflect attention, try to find some information about your detractors that is actually true.

Here's another news story about the wonderful Ms. Kenney. (Although I also want to know who the asshat trainer is who tried to get on a horse who was 300 lbs. underweight?)

I looked all over for a photograph of Trina. I mean, you can put up warnings all day, but a picture's worth a thousand words. I found nothing. She's very good at what she does. I'm sure a mug shot will surface eventually, Trina! ETA: Someone sent me a pic, so there it is. Good work!

Fortunately, the FBI is better than Trina is! Enjoy federal prison, Trina - I do believe your reign of terror has ended.

(But plenty more like her are still out there - c'mon folks, don't buy horses off the Internet you've never seen, don't go out and get on sale horses you haven't seen someone else ride first, and pay for a vet check. Use a little common sense and don't be an easy target!)