Friday, March 6, 2009

Ignorance is bliss!

I was reading on Yahoo news this morning that economists don't expect things to get back to normal until 2013, or for the jobless rate to return to normal ranges until 2011. Now, I am pretty sure the news is not only available on my Internet connection, so I do wish some of you BYB's would take a few moments away from updating your Myspace and actually try to educate yourselves. But no, you don't. You merrily proceed forward...making more, more, always more...with no rhyme or reason to the combinations of breeds.

I snark on Gypsy Vanners all the time, mostly because if you tell anyone in Europe what an American pays for a Gypsy Vanner, they fall down laughing, ask if the person was drunk and then try to find out how to get into the Gypsy Vanner export business. Well, here we have a Gypsy Vanner crossed with a Missouri Fox Trotter. Why? WHO KNOWS?

Here's the ad: "This Guy is going to be amazing. He is a Buckskin Gypsy cross with Pinto markings he is coming 2 in may . His mom is a registered Gypsy and his dad is a Missouri Fox Trotter. She is a everything horse that anyone can ride. She is currently being started on barrels. He should mature to 14 plus hands, and a very stout build. He is good for the shoer and has been trailered. He is current on everything and has been imprinter since birth. He is very interested in everyone and everything that goes on.He will be your all around forever horse! Dont miss your chance to own this newer breed. For more info call Rose."

Rose, we don't need any "newer breeds." The old, tried and true breeds aren't selling! And what you have done is combine two things that don't even do the same gaits. You bred a gaited stallion to what is apparently the world's fastest Gypsy Vanner (A Gypsy Vanner on barrels is something I know I'd like to see the Youtube video of...)...what were you trying to make here? Purpose? Goal? Point?

What you did make is yet another $800 two year old for sale on Craigslist. *sigh*

Check out Shiloh Rescue's blog for some updated pictures on the Dreamchaser horses - they are all looking SO much better after just weeks of good food and care. (Scroll down to see Bombay - another new rescue. That one is screaming for someone to adopt her and show her!) Shiloh is in the Las Vegas area for those of you looking to adopt or volunteer.

Remember Friday Featured Rescue SH Malacy? A couple folks were kind enough to look her up - that's an Mpulse++ daughter! Not surprised. If you like Arabians and are in Wisconsin, I think that mare would make a darling 4-H horse. Check her out at

Lots of news coming next week. We have yet another Dean Solomon horse that wound up in dire straits and is in the process of being re-rescued and I should finally have the big story I've been promising for a while now about the #1 trainer you don't want to send your horse to.

Have a great weekend!