Thursday, March 12, 2009

Way to go, AQHA!

This is freaking awesome!

"Is there an American Quarter Horse in your past or present for whom you’d like to provide a “forever” home? With the new Greener Pastures program, you’ll be able to indicate on a horse’s registration certificate that should that horse ever become unwanted, unusable or simply ready for retirement, you will – if possible – assist in finding him or her a suitable home. The program is free, completely voluntary, does not imply that a buy back or exchange of money will occur, or that a horse is guaranteed a home because sometimes situations can and do change. You can list yourself on up to five horses. If you need to list yourself on more than five horses, please contact AQHA’s customer service department at (806) 376-4811. Essentially, the Association will act as a clearinghouse by tracking Greener Pastures-enrolled horses and AQHA members who have indicated the desire to help."

Log on to AQHA using your usual login and under the Member Services area --> Business Services you'll see a link for Greener Pastures enrollment.

Let's see every other registry follow suit - if you have another kind of horse, ask YOUR registry to start this program today! And if you ARE an AQHA member, take the time to write them a thank-you note for instituting this important and much-needed program. This really makes me, as an AQHA member, feel better that they are actively seeking better solutions than slaughter. I'd be happier if they took an anti-slaughter stand, but hey, it's a step in the right direction.