Thursday, January 29, 2009

Watch as the amazing Parellis make your money disappear!

For anyone who was not yet clear on the concept that Parelli people are a bunch of we have one who believes the only way you can get a round, collected horse is with a Magikal Parelli Money-Sucking Saddle.

Yes, your conventional saddle is causing everything from a "prolapsed belly" to a downhill build! No, lack of deworming and shitty natural conformation have nothing to do with it! If only you'd buy a Magikal Saddle for the low low price of (are ya sitting down) FOUR GRAND!

From the Magikal Saddles site (which shows a picture of Linda Parelli riding with her usual hunched shoulders and loose leg): "Many riders have learned to sit up straight, put their shoulders back and their heels down. Our studies have shown that this often does not work for the horse because it causes him to become stiff and restricted in his movement and to put more weight on the forehand."


Yeah, sitting up straight with your shoulders back totally restricts movement.

And having your heels down, now that really fucks them up. Jeez, Beezie, get those heels up. Linda Parelli says so!

Really I just do not know what to say. We have hundreds of years of beautiful Olympic level performances in dressage and jumping using conventional saddles. We have a world full of amazing cutting horses and working cowhorses who are ridden in conventional saddles. In every discipline, I can point to superstar performers who are collected, round, light on the forehand and have never come within 100 yards of a Parelli saddle. I'm as fussy about saddle fit as anyone you will ever meet but to insinuate that (a) conventional saddles will ruin your horse and (b) that there's ANY justification for Linda's riding style is just ludicrous.

And if you buy ANY of this claptrap, you are the fool who is destined to be parted from his/her money!