Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in business, yet again!

Everybody remember Catherine Petersen and the Fair Dinkum scandal? Well, I'm informed that she got out of jail and is back in business in Centerville, Indiana this time, claiming to be an equine massage therapist and using the names New Beginnings Equine (there is at least one other GOOD New Beginnings that should be suing!) and Equi-Spirit.

This should be a reminder to all - they do not stay in jail and a con artist will continue conning! Locals, beware! This woman has scammed tens of thousands of dollars out of well meaning people. I'm sure she has no plans to stop!

The holidays have me mixed up - I almost forgot it was Friday!

Today's Friday Featured Rescue is a beautiful filly that looks to have tons of potential. She's a Throughbred cross that was rescued with her dam from a kill buyer in 2007. She is now coming two and looks like she will be a terrific prospect for someone - this is a nicely built, and I suspect nicely bred, filly who almost slipped through the cracks.

Peggy is at Colorado TB Rescue in Wellington, Colorado and available for adoption now!