Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Featured Rescue!

I know you are all still talking about ol' P.A. down there, so I won't write a whole new post. I just wanted to point out for those of you in the PNW who may be considering picking up a new young prospect, I saw a great one this week.

Rio is a three year old registered TB gelding who was abandoned at a WTBA sale after he failed to receive a bid as a thin and undersized yearling. He is now neither thin nor undersized. I have to laugh as our friend Katie over at Second Chance Ranch thinks he is small - but that's because she owns 17 and 18 hand giants! I'd guess Rio at a perfectly healthy 15.3 and since he's only coming three now, I feel confident he's going to be at least 16 hands. He is filled out, absolutely gorgeous and cute as can be. I just saw someone on COTH bemoaning that they could not find an unstarted 3 year old with un-ruined legs - well, here you go. This guy does not have a single thing wrong with him. He is super pretty, loves people, gets along great with the herd and he's a blank canvas for you to train in whatever discipline you wish. It is time he did something other than grow, so if you're looking for a new prospect and would like something 100% unraced and clean-legged, contact Katie!
While I'm mentioning Katie, I'd like to thank her for her help with our FlakeSale. Applications and donations are still coming in but so far we have raised over $10,000 to help horseowners who lost hay in our recent floods. We're going to start disbursing money to the feed stores just as soon as paypal finishes transferring it to the bank account, so watch for upcoming pics and stories about those who are being helped. If you lost feed due to the floods or have incurred other damages and expenses related to your horses, please be sure to surf over to and complete an application!