Monday, January 5, 2009

Columbia Basin Equine Restaurant?

Sorry but I must make ONE last post about CBER...

I give up.

$am, I really thought I could no longer be shocked by your behavior.
But I am fucking gagging right now.

Posted today by someone who absolutely, I know for a fact, has their story straight:

"You guys won't like hearing this, but one of the later things that led to me leaving was a sweet old skinny sorrel horse that wasn't adopted, was shipped by Chuck, and that ended up getting sent back to the lot ( by then somewhat lame from the shipping treatment) I saw him there and asked about him and was told he was sent back and I was overjoyed, because he didn't get killed and i felt he had a reprieve and we could now save (
or at the very least euthanize) him since the meat buyer sent him back. Sam told me we weren't placing him and that Chuck was going to fatten him up and have him slaughtered there for horse meat for himself. Needless to say, I was horrified and said that it wasn't right and we needed to find him a home if possible. I was told he was lame and no good and had I ever eaten horse meat? I gagged and said "NO, NO WAY" and that this was sick, that the poor horse survived all that only to be killed and eaten anyway. I do not know if this is true or not, maybe she was trying to shock me, but Sam told me she had eaten horse meat. I was told there was nothing I could do about it and that it was not illegal to kill a personal horse for meat, because I wanted to report it. Right then, I knew I was not compatible with the mind set, even though it tore me apart to think of all the horses who may not see the light of day if I was not an advocate going to the lot."

OK, I'm done. If anybody reads this and still gives that complete and total waste of oxygen one more penny of their hard-earned money, then I'm sorry - that is a sign you are far too stupid for me to educate.
If you are still a CBER supporter (and you know who you are), please visit your family physician to see if there is a chance you may have been lobotomized without your knowledge!