Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get the ark!

All right, I can't get home and I'm really annoyed by that so I'm going to blog about the damn flooding in the Seattle area! You are getting this blog live from Oneidea's couch because I can't go home. I did stare at the water across the roadway and contemplate trying to walk home. Then I realized that was the most idiotic idea ever and that is how people wind up drowned, with everybody they know going "why did she try to do that?" So I accepted defeat and called to have my landlord break in and feed/water my cats.

Anyway, it seems like everywhere you live, there's some natural disaster to worry about. I grew up in the Midwest, so it was tornados. If you're in the south or the east coast, you have hurricanes. I lived in SoCal, and we had fires. Now I'm in the PNW and we have floods. Awesome.

Last year, the entire I-5 corridor flooded with very little warning, much worse than anyone expected. People lost entire barns full of horses. I'm really frightened where this is going - because this year is worse. I-5 is closed again and anyone living near a river has pretty much been evacuated or is flooded in or out of their neighborhood. A friend of mine was helpfully informed that she should evacuate with her 30+ horses after the roads were already closed that would have allowed her to do so.

So, I want to talk about two things today. First of all, for those in the area, how are you doing? I didn't have any horses at home so mine are all safe, but I know many of you are not so fortunate. Second of all, for those of you not in the PNW, what is your area's great "natural disaster" risk when it comes to your horses and what tips can you share about keeping your horses safe?