Friday, January 9, 2009

Are there horses we truly cannot help?

So I've been following the saga of some starving horses north of Seattle, and recently learned that A.C. says they can't do anything because they are on tribal land. I am not as familiar with the law in this area as I probably should be so I'd like to know more.

Can we really do nothing when a horse is starving to death on tribal land?

Have any of you managed to do something when this is the case?

What should be done? How do you even find the information? I have an address but I don't know what tribe this would be - is there a map or something I can access?

As I say, I'm quite clueless about the legalities here but I know I'd like to be able to give some good advice to the person who wants to help these horses. It just sounds ridiculous to me. Like, what law do we have to change? Good grief, it's not like we stole America from this particular horse-starving couple. I find the idea that we can't go after them ludicrous, don't you?

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