Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More idiots from my mailbag...

I know you're all waiting for #10 on the list but I haven't received all the information I need yet. In the meantime, here's more evidence that we need some kind of license and test to ensure you're not a total moron before you are allowed to own horses and certainly before you are allowed to breed horses!

Texas Redneck Style Horse Moving

Pretty sure they killed a horse in "The Man From Snowy River" doing this.

Sometimes prepotence is a bad, bad thing. The thought that he passes on his conformation scares the heck out of me! Proving that they really think this is what stallion quality looks like, here is their other stallion.

Look, this horse is all ready for that new show class - Doormat Pleasure!

This is why you should take away the Nintendo and make your kids go out and, you know, play some fucking baseball or something...SERIOUSLY, who MADE that horrible game???

More to come later including a Champ update!