Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back on the Chain Gang!

Click to see it larger if you think your eyes are deceiving you. Yes, that's a foal chained to its dam. Why? Why, you ask? What an excellent question, one that the reader who sent it to me was asking, along with many others:

"Why is a foal tethered to its dam in the first place? I though nature provided that bond!"

I am truly baffled. This is a real WTF moment.

"Note the nylon halter used on the dam, no breakaway visible -- very safe for turnout!"

Agreed. I particularly cringe at nylon halters when the mare has a foal at side. The foal can get caught in it too, you know.

"Love the extra-wide neck collar (also not breakaway) for the foal -- so he can strangle even faster than with a halter??"

And what is that neck collar anyway? I know he's a draft, but are we trying to teach him to pull his mother?

"And to tie them together with a heavy chain?!?! (also not breakaway, natch) WTF, do these people think they are raising ponies or pit bulls?"

Good question.

"Of course the chain is long enough to allow both mare and foal to loop a leg in it so they can fracture something before they choke to death."

It really does look like an emergency vet call waiting to happen.

"To make things worse, I found this picture in a national veterinary magazine! Of all the publications that should screen their pictures and promote safe equine care! The picture was simply a "stock" illustration for an unrelated article on ambulatory equine practices. There was no description of the picture in the article, nor could I find a photo credit anywhere."

See, and we bitched when "Glamour" did this. A veterinary magazine really should get 30 lashes with a wet noodle for this one!

*shakes head.* Another day, another idiot or ten...