Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Judges behaving badly...and I don't meant the horseshow type!


"A Loudoun County Circuit Court jury sentenced 56-year-old Dennis Danley to 588 days in jail and $50,400 in restitution on Wednesday. Danley's lawyer says Judge J. Howe Brown suspended the fine and all but 56 days of the sentence and instead charged Danley about $10,000 in court costs."

Good grief! This is why these people don't stop. This is why they continue to re-offend - because they are going to get a wrist-slap from some judge who doesn't think cruelty to animals is a big deal. And yes, he is a re-offender: ""Mr. Danley had a conviction for cruelty to animals in this county in 1997. In addition, in August of 2007, he was prohibited from owning animals in West Virginia based on similar conduct," said Faw."

From another article: "Danley told Tiong that the horses last saw a veterinarian in September 2006 and that the horses "were supposed to look thin" because they were being bred, the complaint stated."

Yes. Because that's when you want them to be at their thinnest! When you are making more of them - since you can't feed the ones you have. But hey, he had five dead ones on his property so I guess that was clearing up space for the 2008 foals crop!


48 counts of animal cruelty and he will be out of jail in less than two months. I think we need to ship some of our Washington judges out to Virginia!

I guess what shocks me here is that this happened in horse country - Loudoun County, Virginia. The jury understood the magnitude of Mr. Danley's actions...too bad the judge threw it all out the window! This judge clearly has an ongoing problem taking animal cruelty seriously. I found another news story where he gave a suspended sentence to a man who viciously killed his girlfriend's 14 year old cat. He may have found this guy guilty, but the wrist-slap sentence is a joke.

Interestingly, I've found where this judge has sentenced people to death. Too bad he doesn't take it seriously when someone metes out that same sentence to an innocent animal.

For those of you who are local - who is this trainer? Is he still trying to be in the business? Has he switched disciplines? He sounds like a habitual re-offender that everybody should be on the lookout for!