Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tis the season to beg!

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$4000. She wants $4000.

We've talked about this here before. If you are Gretchen Jackson and you want to put a kazillion dollars into trying to save your own horse with expensive procedures - GO FOR IT!

But when you have to BEG for the money on Craigslist like that idiot broad who put too much on her credit cards, you are not a wonderful person. You are stealing money from horses who HAVE a future.

This is a weanling who will never be able to run. I doubt she will ever be able to be put out with other horses. She certainly won't be able to be ridden. The odds are that she will die young from an infection, laminitis in the other hoof or other breakdown of the remaining leg, or an accident while trying to get up or down or just do normal, horsey things.

How are you even going to trim her feet?

I continue to believe this is one of the most misguided "rescues" I have ever seen. Put her to sleep. Do you have any idea how many cute, happy, healthy, four-legged weanlings are going on slaughter trucks this week? Weanlings you could save for $25, raise up AND put training into for the $4000 that it will cost to buy this filly a few more months of an unhappy, limited life?

Heck, for $4000 you could buy about 14 or 15 tons of quality hay around here...imagine the lives that could save.

I only hope any potential donors have better judgment than this lady does. And I hope that she will eventually give up and let this poor little girl pass in peace. Three legs is no life for a horse, and it won't be until veterinary science is much, much more advanced than it is today.