Thursday, December 11, 2008

Legal Tip of the Day

(Disclaimer: I am not a licensed attorney and this post is humorous - but has an accurate point in it)

Our friend with the photoshopped posterior just posted the following on her Super Seekrit Message Board:

FUGLY« Thread Started Today at 12:05pm

I for one am sick to death of this blog. Children are exploited, innocent peoples names are drug through the mud. Acts of violence are encouraged.So far we have 7 families and business's filing a Class Action Lawsuit. Yes Cathy, Internet bullying is a crime!

If you are reading this and care to join, please contact:

Raymond V. Gessel
Attorney at Law
Electronic mail:
Phone: (253) 856-2745
Facsimile: (253) 856-2734
Mailing Address:
1122 West Jamest Street, Suite 102
Kent, WA 98032

Dear Dean:

You call the police if you believe someone has committed a crime. You do not need to hire an attorney! Protection against individuals committing crimes is provided to you as a public service. Did you know that?

Now, offending you by speaking the truth about the horses you have neglected, that's not a crime. In fact, it isn't even a civil tort. I have never encouraged violence and your name is not innocent. YOU YOURSELF PLED GUILTY. Duh!

But you have fun with this. Now that you do not have horses to feed, I am sure your husband will be happy to contribute the non-garnished remainder of his paycheck to Mr. Gessel and I am sure Mr. Gessel will be happy to take it!

Edited to add: Poor Mr. Gessel. He wrote one of my readers back and he has no idea how he got involved in this. He DOES NOT represent Ms. Solomon in any action of the type described here. His reply is in the comments.

All the best to you on your new, animal-free life. Thoroughbreds everywhere are breathing a huge sigh of relief!