Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

First of all, for the Seattle area folks...we are looking to play a little musical horses. If you have an indoor arena at your disposal and would like a project large POA pony that is w-t-c broke and ready to finish, please contact me immediately. We are trying to clear up space for a new rescue that really needs to get to safety. Pony is for an intermediate rider, great on trails, easy to ride but pushy on the ground - needs someone who can be firm but fair and enforce manners. Good project for an experienced teen and stout enough to carry a medium sized woman. Not the one I had up here a few days ago - this one is a large.

Now, for Christmas, I decided I was going to just surf around the country today and find free or cheap horses that I think deserve an upgrade! We all know it's a bad winter in a lousy economy, and I hope some of you who can afford to have considered taking in a new rescue as a family Christmas project. After all, a new horse gets the kids outside and active - or you can buy them more gaming crap and all sit and gain 20 more pounds. ;-) Your choice!

If you can't take in a new horse, some of the horse charities I would recommend donating to are in the links on this blog. They appreciate anything you can afford. Those $5 and $10 donations add up and are always appreciated!

All right, here we go...

Not a great picture, but I suspect this is a really nice mare. This is a 16.2 black sabino registered Tennessee Walking Horse mare for sale in Elkton, Tennessee. She may be broke and is only 12 years old. For $200, if I were a TWH fan, I'd pick up this mare in a second. This is exactly what I mean when I talk about broodmares who make for easy training projects. Most likely, this girl will adapt to being ridden for a living pretty quickly. They're not breeding anymore because they have too many (Hallelujah, the light dawns!). Now this girl needs a safe home to re-route her into a riding career. Maybe yours?

Poor little free colts in Colorado Springs, CO...

It just scares me where this mare could end up. TB mare with a lot of training on her, in Ravenna, MI.
It scares me where this horse is already. One-eyed horse that has had a "bradle and sattle" on her. In Vermont.

Free Thoroughbred mare. In Chimacum, WA.

I wonder if this one is still alive
? Ankeny, IA.

This guy is in Tehama County, California, and needs the gelding bus badly and a new home!

Here's a skinny Standardbred in Newnan, Georgia. Sounds like a nice boy with some feed!

Old coot large pony Arabian mare in Michigan. Would like an owner who knows how to adjust her bridle.

Super cute old Thoroughbred gelding with back issues being dumped in Webster, NY.

All right, that's it for me as my Internet is flickering in and out so badly that this just took 3 hours. The weather needs to improve quickly, because if I am stuck in the house much longer, I am going to lose it. I am currently watching the Duggars ride horses in skirts while the baby wanders around a paddock with loose ponies carrying part of an alfalfa flake. Again, no helmets of course. I need to just go back to the Law & Order reruns - everything on TV with a horse in it makes me want to scream! I am sure I would be much happier watching Chris Noth...yum. :-)

Merry Christmas! Hope you and your families and horses have a great holiday, and congratulations to those of you who do have a new four-legged member of the family today or tomorrow. Of course we will want to hear all about if if you do, and especially if you pick up one of the horses I have listed!