Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's time waster!

Google has this Life Magazine photo search and it's totally, I could have totally done the Fugly blog fifty years ago!

(Pictured) OMG! It's the precursor to Parelli training! :-)

Yeah. That will make him go in the trailer.

OMFG! It's the very first Krazy Kolor Breeder!

Holy crap. How high is that?

Here's some equitation for you!

Oh yeah. I would have had plenty to blog about, even fifty years ago!

Much better. May not be modern equitation but he isn't hindering the horse.

Trojan Mouse and I have a difference of opinion about "trainer equitation." I do think it's possible to be extremely effective and not hamper the horse despite an unconventional style. Here's a good example.

This pretty Thoroughbred is hoping they invent the mounting block soon!

This dude is hoping they invent the hard hat soon!

Shetland ponies hoping they invent box stalls for Shetland ponies soon!

Very nice, Mr. President. Heels down, back straight - you would have been welcome on any of my horses any time!

Not breeding quality and would you please FEED them?

Emaciated horses at backyard pony breeder's

WTF on the FEET?


Some training methods haven't changed a bit in 50 years!

I did not start your stupid war, please fight on foot.

Yeah. Invent the fucking tank, already. I didn't enlist!

Wing Commander wonders why there is a pillowcase on his tail.

World's biggest Jolly Ball!

If this were still going on, I would be picketing it and protesting.

Smart mare - I think this was all a scam to get herself a safe home back in the days before retirement boarding!


Please move saddle to horse's actual back...kthx

Interesting to see what's changed - stall guard and halter, not a bit. Pail? Totally!

Oh yeah. This shit would have SO made the blog.

Awwww. 17 years ago, who would have thought we'd all be texting away as we cool them out. (You know you do it! So do I!)

Enjoy! You'll be wasting your time there for the next hour, I know I did!