Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ah, Craigslist, you never fail to disappoint!

My comments in blue. This is language excerpted from an ad for a $50 weanling breeding stock Paint colt.

Dam was a VERY old Racketeer daughter,,,,, (very high end old paint blood that traces back OVER 400 years through MANY horses belonging to European, ancient Arabic and Russian royalty) who spent most of her life as a show and production broodmare. Who the hell cares what happened 400 years ago? I have a Thoroughbred that goes back to the Darley Arabian - write me a check for ten grand, k? If the sire and dam were really as great as you say, this would not be a fifty dollar colt.

And what is a "show and production" broodmare? Has she been in a couple of

Buck Wheat ,,,aka Bucky,, should end up chestnut on the front end and a bay in the rear with roaning and black patches. Buddy, THAT I would like to SEE. As someone on the message board I snagged this from correctly observed, not without the use of Lady Clairol.

Can be registered if you want to transfer moms papers and do the paper work 'cause I am a lazy cheapskate and I don't want to do it in order to give this colt a better shot at life...I have moms Auction papers,and a hair sample for DNA (long story)

I was expecting him to be a mule,, but obviously my jack did not have the job done when I turned his mom out with the herd.

OK what? After reading the auction part, I thought, OK, maybe the guy rescued the mare and she was already bred and he had no intention of breeding her poor old self. And then I read this. So okay, he bought her at the auction to breed to his donkey. He didn't transfer her papers. He threw her out with a jack donkey without, apparently, pregnancy checking her or even teasing her unless she's the very rare mare that shows heat when in foal. Awesome.

By the way, impregnating females is not a job. If it were, Kevin Federline would actually be employable!

Bucky is in the top picture in front of his Dam at only 2.5 mos,, Sire is the black shown below. Mom was a very old neglected girl, so I dont have alot of pix of her. But that sure didn't stop me from trying to breed her and get a mule! I have an entire history of pix on his sire,, although his mom was the really great "work" horse that has given this kid a humble, kind and laid back disposition.(dad gave him looks)

All things considered, this is not such a bad colt. He has a nice shoulder and hip, he really could be a nice family horse. He's sure a lot better than a lot of the crap I see for sale on the web. But that $50 price tag doesn't bode well for his future. He's another nice enough colt out of done-nothing parents that shouldn't have been created in today's economy.

Again, can you imagine a company continuing to produce cars or lawnmowers or washing machines if all they were selling for is $50 and they cost hundreds if not thousands to produce? But not horse breeders! Fuck logic, let's lose money! I do not get it and I don't think I ever will!