Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The What Not To Wear of the Horse World!

I'm busy this morning so I'm simply going to direct you to a blog that I think was long overdue:

Tacky Tack of the Day

Now, I do like an element of bling but other than that, I am with this writer all the way. Why do we need purple ostrich anything? I see stuff in the tack store that is pink and green. It looks like a saddlemaker was trying to go after the preppy market, 25 years too late.

The thing that annoys me the most visually is tacky colored polo wraps. Years ago we damn near booted someone out of polo in the Midwest for having hot pink stuff. Now you can find polo wraps with flames on them. They're polo wraps, not a 1969 muscle car that is the pride and joy of Tommy Trailer Park. Blech!

(Has anybody done a blog on hideous horseshow attire for humans? Because, boy, there is some stuff out there that just about blinds you...bad, bad, bad color combinations, bling in questionable places, spandexy fabrics that make anyone above Mary-Jane Olsen's weight look fat. That would make a really good blog!)