Friday, February 13, 2009

Hooray for the Arabian Horse Association!

The saga began two years ago on the Arabian Breeders' Network Board:

"*Enea' story. My Grandparents bought *Enea in Spain 18 or so years ago. She had one foal for us and then she was bought by another breeder who then liquidated his horses and then you know how the story goes, she was sold multiple times.

Two weeks ago I got a phone call from a concerned friend telling me of a large herd of Spanish horses in trouble in Iowa. Curiously I looked up that owner on the datasource I was horrified to see *Enea's name on the list. Not knowing what to do and gathering more information. I realized we needed to get her out of there. I arranged to buy the mare back from this woman.

Sometimes out of the worst situations you realize how many wonderful people there are in the world. Two friends of mine volunteered to drive eight hours each way to get *Enea out of there as soon as possible and keep her at there place until she is well enough to travel home to California.

The story gets more and more disgusting. The horses are in deplorable condition and sick, many are not going to make it through the winter. There are many that are in far worse condition than *Enea. We all need to band together and help these horses.

Here are two pictures of *Enea the morning after she was picked up from
Amanda Boyle's Zalea Arabians. " (FHOTD in: I have posted one of them)

Oh, and a good show ensued on that message board! The horse starver, Amanda, responded as they ALWAYS do, arguing her innocence:

"Enea is 22 years old and has Cancer. WE were going to put her down, but Christie purchased her instead.

We REFUSED offers on the horses by the person who came. They are in fine shape, other than several older mares. One has EPM, another is half blind. Im not sure about the stunted colt thing, other than one filly who had a severe viral infection. THe other 2 foals were born in Sept and OCt.

I can furnish vet reports on every single horse on my property as well as photos. When your someones competition and they dont like you, or you dont do what they say. I think its wonderful the great things they say about you. I have contacted a Lawyer, these are all lies. AND I CAN PROVE IT! So perhaps before you believe this trash, come visit for yourself."

Blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! The condition of that mare speaks for itself. Of course, the excuses continued...she's an old mare, she has melanomas, she doesn't handle winter well. Blah, blah, blah.

Now, this is not an uncommon story. Enea, although severely anemic and dehydrated, was rescued by her former owner. This is a picture of her two years later, this summer. Gee, I guess she didn't have health problems preventing her from gaining weight, DID SHE? She's 24 now. Gee, what a hard keeper, huh? Boy, she REALLY needed to be put down two years ago, huh?

Oh Amanda. How full of shit can you be?

(Kudos to Chestnut Ridge Farm for being a brilliant example of what a responsible breeder/owner does - that mare looks awesome and you guys rock!) Correction: I misread the initial thread and it's actually Greengate Farms that has the mare. Sorry, getting old and blind!

So after years of drama on this, what happens? Well, Amanda gets evicted. She abandons SIXTEEN horses on the property when she leaves. Some of the horses have been in stalls for so long with so much manure build up that the doors cannot be opened. Amanda takes some of her horses and merrily continues on. She has a web site. She even has a message board where she is stumping for money! Of course she is...And she's still breeding. She's moved to some mysterious location in Missouri, so if you're in Missouri, watch out. She's not going to stop until someone locks her in a cell and throws away the key and despite her numerous convictions, nobody's done that yet.

Frustrating to be sure. But I will tell you the part that is NOT frustating - AHA BANNED HER ASS!

"Boyle, Amanda L., aka Lea Boyle, individually and dba Zalea Arabians LLC of Sioux City, Iowa, has violated AHA Article 304.6, by mistreating and neglecting Arabian horses under her care, custody and control. Amanda L. Boyle, aka Lea Boyle, individually and dba Zalea Arabians LLC, or in any other entity, is hereby permanently expelled from membership in AHA and permanently denied all AHA privileges, including, but not limited to, denial of entry into any AHA programs and events, any AHA registration privileges, and denial of participation in any manner in any AHA recognized competitions or events. "

I LOVE IT! She apparently has 25 foals due this year (good LORD) and I am sure she will TRY to get around all of this by registering a LLC or getting some enabler to front for her, but damn, this is a good start.

So, okay AQHA? Let's see you do the same to Cleve Wells. Don't make me have to switch to Arabians just because their registry doesn't have their heads up their butts.

P.S. This story also ought to be a lesson to some of the more gullible posters here. This woman was originally convicted of animal neglect in 1994 and she has convinced many people that she had "cleaned up her act" or was "being unfairly persecuted" but a leopard does not change its spots. Period.

It's Friday so we have a Friday Featured Rescue! Here's a nice one - this 8 year old Thoroughbred mare, Broadway (reg. name Golden Glow Too) is available for adoption at Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada. Check out her page for lots of video under saddle. There isn't anything wrong with this one - sane, sound and ready to go. She looks a thousand times better then she did when they got her, a year ago. She is a beautiful mare who looks like she could easily be ready for this year's shows with some finishing.