Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's breeding season...time for another auction report!

Here's what it all comes down to: If you aren't certain that YOU can afford to keep it for a few years until the economy improves, don't breed it. I don't care what it is anymore - demand is down and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. Until we have a better idea what is going to happen, this really would be an excellent year to just skip breeding and focus on training and showing what you have. Not to mention that is the best way to drive up the price of your existing inventory!

So, another auction report - this one from Ohio.

Thought you might like to see a Feb. 21, 2009 auction report from OHIO. This area has alot of Amish so most of these horses are broke to ride and drive. You have the opportunity to hitch them before the sale and drive them on a track behind the sale barn. As Spring approaches and the Amish need draft horses to work the fields, their prices go up as noted in the above average prices for them right now. ( Back in the early 80's, you'd expect to pay $3500 for a grade gelding broke to work the fields and woods.)

It is interesting to see how few of these horses were actually bought by a kill buyer. It's easy to tell who is buying because the KBs horses are called out by number when they are sold and are not Coggins tested as they leave the ring. In talking to a KB before the sale, he said they don't want to buy anything under $850-$900 because, as he said it, it costs the same to kill a pony as it does a horse.

Pretty sad to expect to pay more for a set of new shoes than the value of some of these horses. All, but two were in excellent shape, and most very well broke to drive, and often to ride as well.

Cute overo pinto mini - $180
Pony, broke to ride & drive - $170
NICE (show quality) Quarter Pony mare, ridden in by small child - $270
Pony, rides & drives - $140
Welsh Pony, nor broke - $80
Quarter Horse/Pony cross, well broke - $50
Pony, white, very well broke - $110
Morgan, six months old, can be registered, very cute - $110 (sold to KB, very sad, but hope he bought to resell.)
Pony, B&W, rides and drives, 6, mare - $150
Reg. Halflinger mare, 11, in foal - $175
Halflinger mare, in foal , 12, broke to drive - $100
Halflinger mare, 3, broke to drive - $90
Halflinger mare, 1, $70
Halflinger, gelding, 2, broke to ride & drive - $130
Black and white, fat, mare, rides & drives - $350
Nice looking gray mustang - $70
Very nice mini donkey, in foal to mini horse - $160
Very nice Halflinger, gelding, 4, broke to ride & drive - $330
Halflinger, 5, broke to ride & drive - $250
Large Appy pony, 6 - $75
Small black, QH, 3 - $50 (sold to KB)
Nice black Morgan, 22 - $135
Fugly black mare, sold with saddle and bridle - $175
Chestnut, gelding, 15, broke to ride - $200 (sold to KB)
Belgian mare, 3, not broke - $600
Belgian mare, 10, not broke - $200
Belgian/Halflinger cross, 9, broke - $650
Belgian, geld, broke - $600
Reg. Belgian mare, broke - $250
Belgian, grade, 3, thin - $65 ( sold to KB)
Belgian, gelding, 5 broke - $100 ( sold to KB)
Percheron, lame, gelding, 5 - $100 (sold to KB)
Belgian mare, 5, broke - $270
Belgian, 10, broke, bad leg - $55 (sold to a home)
Reg. Belgian, mare, 2 - $125 (sold to KB)
VERY NICE Hackney cross, b&w, gelding, drive in by small child, - $150