Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Choo Choo! Another "sanctuary" train wreck!

(Warning: dead horse pictured at link)


A husband and wife team of internationally known environmentalists, paid handsomely to oversee a San Luis Obispo County sanctuary for infirm animals, has ordered the accelerating slaughter of many of their wards.

Former and present employees of the Dancing Star Foundation claim that its top officers, Michael Tobias and Jane Gray Morrison, intend to focus on endangered animals. They say the pair has commenced the systematic elimination of aged and infirm farm animals under the foundation’s care, contrary to the foundation's purpose.

Tobias and Morrison have reportedly told employees that economic issues prompted the kill policy."

No, really? You took in a ZILLION animals and now you can't afford them? Well gosh golly gee, who thought THAT could ever happen? I'm sure that happened overnight and you had no warning, right?

"Officials claim they investigate possible adoptive families before releasing the animals. Employees state that animals are handed over to anyone with a trailer. “Employees and friends in utter desperation are allowed to adopt these animals without any paperwork or inspection of the living conditions of where these animals are going,” an employee said. “These employees are making $9 an hour. They can barely feed themselves. It is total chaos.”"


I've never had a problem with a rescue euthanizing unadoptables, particularly if they're dangerous to handle, but DON'T LIE ABOUT IT. When you portray yourselves to your donors as a LIFETIME SANCTUARY, then you do not have this right. If you mismanaged it so badly that you're in trouble (gee, the original founder didn't run it into the ground), then you should be turning it over to someone else who's a better manager than you, not just killing everything.

"Both Evans and numerous employees noted that while foundation officials are firing staff and eliminating animals, they are spending funds on the construction of new barns and upgrading existing facilities.

“They built a new barn for $120,000 then killed the animals in the barn below,” Rowley added. “They are building shelters with no limits. However, they are putting down the animals with health problems and the older ones. You can see were the money is going.”"

And now they want to just get into endangered animals? Shit, everything's endangered when it lives THERE!


(Apologies to those of you waiting for the secret video from this weekend...you know who you are and it is coming but I have had video format difficulties and it will take more time than I have this morning.)